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GST registration is compulsory if your 12 months revenue exceeds or is expected to exceed $1 million. You may also register voluntarily if it is beneficial for your business and you meet the conditions.

As a GST registered business, you will be able to claim GST on your purchases and thus lower your business cost. However, you should also take into account the administrative requirements for GST registered businesses e.g. quarterly GST filing.

Once you are ready to register, we help to prepare your application and guide you through the implementation. We are on hand to fill out the paperwork and help you ease into the new system.

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↓  GST registered business
GST is a tax on the supply of goods and services. As a GST registered business, you are essentially a tax collecting agent for the government.

Broadly, as a GST registered business, you will claim GST incurred on your business expenses (known as input GST) and collect GST on your sales which you pay to the government (known as output GST). In practice, a net is taken and you either receive a refund from or make a payment to IRAS.

↓  Who needs to register for GST
Businesses with 12 month revenue exceeding or is expected to exceed $1 million are required to register for GST with IRAS. You may also register voluntarily if it is beneficial for your business and you meet the conditions. Refer to our blog post here for more information.

↓  GST application
Businesses registering for GST need to submit a GST application form and the relevant IRAS documentation checklist to IRAS.

We will advise you on the conditions and how to meet them, as well as the documentation that are required for the application e.g. signed contracts, tenders, computations and invoices. Once all the necessary documents are ready, we help you complete the application for submission to IRAS.

↓  GST filing
GST registered businesses must submit GST return to IRAS within one month after the end of each prescribed accounting period. This is usually done on a quarterly basis.

We can assist you to perform your quarterly GST filing in accordance with statutory requirements.



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We guide you on the record keeping and accounting requirements for GST businesses.

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Comply with the GST Act.


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