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Answering tax queries from IRAS is no easy feat when you are not familiar with technical tax issues.

Some common tax queries include questions about taxability of income, deductibility of expenses, reliefs and PIC.

We help you to prepare a reply to IRAS to address the IRAS’ tax queries.

By providing appropriate responses which meet the IRAS’ requirements, we help you comply with the tax laws and maximise the probability of your claims.

Get in touch with our tax agent who will help you to handle your tax queries.


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↓  What is a tax query
As part of IRAS’s review, IRAS may raise queries/questions on tax returns or claims. The actual query will depend on your specific tax returns or claims made. If you receive queries from IRAS, you need to provide a reply to IRAS within the specified time frame. Otherwise your claims may be disallowed.

For us to assist with your tax queries, we require the relevant accounting and tax documents and information to be provided to us. We also discuss with you and understand the facts of your case in order to prepare an appropriate reply to IRAS.

↓  How long do you have to reply
The deadline to reply to tax queries varies and is normally indicated on the tax query letter from IRAS. Usually time to respond may range from a few weeks to few months.

↓  Objection to Notice of Assessment
Sometimes the IRAS may issue a Notice of Assessment together with the tax query letter. Pending a reply to be provided by you, the IRAS may make some tax adjustments and raise a new Notice.

If you do not agree with the tax adjustments made, it is essential to lodge an objection to the Notice within 30 days (individuals) or 2 months (companies) from the date of the Notice so as to keep the matter open. This is a requirement under the Income Tax Act or the matter may be treated as closed and the Notice final if no timely objection is lodged.

If the Notice indicates additional taxes to be paid, you will still be required to pay the additional tax by the specified deadline even if you disagree with the new Notice and have lodged an objection. Penalties will apply for late payment.

↓  Query period
For Year of Assessment (YA) 2007 and before, IRAS can raise query and Notice of Assessment within six years from the end of the YA. From YA 2008 onwards, this period has been reduced to four years. However there is no time limit where fraud is involved.



How we help

accounting services Tax query reply

We discuss with you and understand the facts of your case before helping you to prepare a reply to IRAS based on the tax rules.

accounting services Meet IRAS' requirements

Reply to queries raised by IRAS on your tax returns or claims.

accounting services Maximise the probability of your claims

By providing an appropriate reply that satisfies IRAS’ requirements, we help to maximise the probability of your claims.


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