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According to a Sage Simply Accounting and Angus Reid report, small business owners spend on average 27.2 hours a month on their financial management.

We'd like to imagine you with more time to spend on growing your business, minus all the stress during the reporting season.

Hand us your business receipts and let us handle your paperwork. You can be assured of good value and quality plus a peace of mind.

With the records kept up to speed, you can get us to prepare the reports you need such as sales collection report, expense report and bank reconciliation. These information come in useful when you are formulating a budget for investments and expenditures.

bookkeeping services singapore

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bookkeeping services singapore
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↓  What is bookkeeping
Bookkeeping is the keeping of records of business transactions. Examples of transactions that involve bookkeeping include sales, payment to suppliers, tracking of accounts receivables, processing payroll and GST collection and payment.

↓  How is bookkeeping done
Bookkeeping is commonly done using a double-entry system using debits and credits. The debit and credit entries are posted to ledger accounts based on fundamental accounting principles. These days, bookkeeping is usually done using accounting software which simplifies the process, making it much more efficient.

For us to assist you with bookkeeping, we require the transaction records (e.g. receipts and payment vouchers) to be furnished to us. Based on the records, we will input bookkeeping entries into your accounting software.

↓  Uses of bookkeeping
Every company is required by the law to keep proper records and accounts. Bookkeeping is essential in ensuring proper accounting records for the preparation of financial statements. When bookkeeping has been done properly, the process of closing and compiling financial statements will be a smoother one for you.

↓  Financial reports
Using your bookkeeping records, we can prepare financial reports such as sales collection report, expense report and bank reconciliation. With a sales collection report, you can find out about your cash flow status. A bank reconciliation reconciles your bank to your cash balance.



How we help

accounting services Bookkeeping services

We help you with bookkeeping so that proper records are maintained for your business.

accounting services Meet compliance

Comply with the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act.

accounting services Accounting software

We recommend and help you find an accounting software that meets your business needs.

accounting services Useful reports

Using your accounting records, we can do up reports customised for your business needs, whether it is for financing or other purposes.


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