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The first step to setting up your business is to register it with the authority.

We have put together a simple process for company incorporation. We help you to get the registration done and provide you with a basic toolkit to kickstart your business.

Our package is designed to deliver good value and take care of all of your company’s basic needs so that you can focus on developing the commercial aspect of your business.

As a new company you also need to appoint a company secretary and handle your accounts and taxes.

Talk to us to incorporate your company and kickstart your business.


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accounting services singapore
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↓  Minimum requirements checklist
Before starting your business, you need to register it with ACRA, the regulator of business entities in Singapore.

At least one director ordinarily resident in Singapore is required. The director can also be the company’s sole shareholder.

If you do not have a local director, you may choose to appoint a nominee director.

The company also needs to appoint a company secretary.

The minimum share capital is $1.

↓  Registered office address
Every company needs a registered office address. This has to be a physical address in Singapore where official letters or documents can be delivered and where your company can be contacted. It cannot be a P.O. box.

Certain businesses which meet qualifying conditions are allowed to use residential address as the registered office address.

↓  Converting from sole proprietorship to company
An existing sole proprietor might want to convert to a private limited company for greater scalability or protection for his assets.

If you are looking to do this conversion, we can assist you. We will help to incorporate your new company and prepare your sole proprietorship for termination. If you wish to transfer the existing business assets under your sole proprietorship to the new company, the necessary documentation may be done up during this time.

Once ready, you can carry out business under the new company and the sole proprietorship will cease completely.

↓  Do you need to appoint an auditor
From 1 July 2015, the "small company" concept is used to determine if a company is exempted from audit.

To qualify as a "small company", the company needs to be a private company and meets at least 2 out of these 3 quantitative criteria for each of the immediate past two financial years:

(a) Total annual revenue ≤ $10 million;
(b) Total assets ≤ $10 million;
(c) No. of employees ≤ 50.

If the company is part of a group, the company needs to qualify as a small company and the entire group must be a "small group" in order to qualify for audit exemption.

A "small group" is a group of companies that meets at least 2 out of the 3 abovementioned quantitative criteria for each of the immediate past two financial years on a group basis.

Companies that do not qualify for audit exemption are required to appoint an auditor within three months from the date of its incorporation. After the annual financial statements are prepared, they will be audited.



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Company name application
Company incorporation
12-months company secretary
ACRA Incorporation fees
ACRA Company Business Profile & Constituition
E-Notice of Incorporation
Share certificates
First Directors' Resolutions
Official common seal
Self-inking rubber stamp

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12-months package
CBD address
Self-collection of mail

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Comply with the Companies Act.


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