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If your business hires local employees to work in Singapore, you will need to contribute CPF on salary and remuneration paid to your employees. In addition, contribution to SDL is also required for all employees.

We help you to calculate the monthly contributions by taking into account the applicable wage payments and contribution rates. Once done, we provide you with the payroll files and itemised payslips which you can then issue to your employees hassle-free.

At the end of the year, we can also generate the Form IR8A for each employee for tax reporting with IRAS.

Non-compliance is not only costly but strains business resources as well. By outsourcing payroll, you can free up valuable human resource for your business.


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accounting services singapore
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↓  When is CPF contribution due
CPF contribution is required to be paid by the 14th day after the end of the month. Thereafter, late interest will be charged by CPF Board.

↓  What determines the amount of CPF contribution
The amount of CPF contribution due is based on the CPF contribution rates for employers/employees which are determined by the CPF Board. The contribution rates applicable to each employee will depend on the employee’s citizenship, age and total wages. The contribution rates may vary from year to year based on what is set by CPF Board.

CPF wage ceilings also affect the maximum amount of wages that would attract CPF and are taken into account in the CPF calculations.

↓  Is CPF payable on all types of payments
Generally salary and other remuneration paid to employees attract CPF contributions. These comprise a wide range of remuneration and include payments such as commissions, bonus, allowances, among others. However, not all payments to employees necessarily attract CPF. Examples include token gifts and reimbursement for course fees to employees as part of the employee’s training programme.

↓  What other contributions do I need to look out for
Apart from CPF, the Skill Development Levy (SDL) and contribution toward Self-Help Group Funds (i.e. CDAC, ECF, MBMF and SINDA) are also required to be made by employers/employees. The contribution amounts will depend on the employee’s monthly wages and his race/religion. These contributions will be taken into account in the payroll calculations that we provide to you.



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